Japanese Patent Documents Undoubtedly are Prime Source for Prior Art Search

Prior art may be the information that has been distributed around everybody regardless of the sort before confirmed date which may be tightly related to a patent’s claims of originality. Once the invention remains disclosed in public places domains, a patent with this particular invention isn’t valid. Therefore, patent search and non-patent literature search are frequently performed before filling a patent or before / inside a patent litigation.

Japanese patents are prime method of getting prior art search. Japan is rated No.1 country in the amount of patent applications filed yearly. This Past Year, you’ll find roughly 400,00 patent applications filed in Japan (JPO), that’s about 20% within the total patent applications filed worldwide, the best number in lots of countries.

As being a comparison, you’ll find roughly 370,000 and 178,600 patent applications filed yearly within the USPTO and EPO correspondingly.

Japanese patents would be the wealthiest causes of prior art on the planet, exceeding 50 millions searchable patent and trademark documents, over 200 millions pages, stored within the JPO database. As being a comparison, USPTO has stored about 10 numerous searchable documents including patents and trademarks.

Applications filed in Japan are printed (laid open) 18 a few days carrying out a filling or priority date whatever the examination. The invention described within the printed application be described as a prior art with this disclosure.

While they could be hard to search, Japanese sources are essential thinking about individuals will be the wealthiest prior art sources on the planet and Japan is most likely the very best three economies with advanced technologies in a number of fields.

Aurelia Deford
the authorAurelia Deford