Four Things to Keep in Mind When Filling Your SSDI Function Report

Applying for SSDI benefits might be intimidating. You want to make sure you filled out and file the correct paperwork. When you file your application incorrectly, the process can be delayed. In fact, this can also result in the denial of your claim. 

If the SSA initially denies your claim, you still have a chance to get the benefits you need. You have the right to appeal the denial, especially if it was made because you did not fill out the paperwork correctly. The Function Report is an important component of your application. This helps the Disability Determination Services (DDS) obtain information about the impact of your condition or illness on your ability to function and carry out daily tasks. This shows the reason you are disabled and can’t work. You can visit this page to learn more about Function Report.
When you file an SSD application, you must keep in mind the following:

List All Your Impairments

When the SSA reviews your application, they will consider your physical and mental state. Thus, you should list all ailments and impairments that contribute to your disability. Whether these impairments are new or old, you needed to list them. New impairments can exacerbate old ones. By listing all contributory impairments, you give the agency a clear picture of how you function every day.

Get Your Treating Physicians in Order

To get disability benefits, you should be getting medical treatment for your disability. The SSA will examine your medical records to know whether you are disabled or not. When you file your application, include all information about the doctors who have or have been treating you. In general, the agency will look back one to two years from the onset date. So, you must have a list of doctors you visited for treatment. 

Respond Promptly

After filling out your application, you might be requested to fill out more forms. The agency may need additional medical details or employment history. Fill out such forms promptly and never miss deadlines. Your disability lawyer can help you complete everything, so respond to them promptly as well. 

Be Honest

When you fill out a Function Report, ensure you are honest about the way your disability impacts you. This also applies to when you visit your treating doctors. Do not try to exaggerate or undermine your condition. If you are experiencing pain, be honest. If you cannot complete everyday tasks, write down this information. Then, ensure you tell your doctor.