Unfair Dismissal and the Role of Employment Law Solicitors

There are a lot of things that make up employment law, and unfair dismissal is one of them. If you are terminated from your job in a manner that breaches your legal rights, it could be classed as unfair dismissal, which can lead to significant consequences, both personally and professionally. It’s important to understand what unfair dismissal is, what you can do to solve the problem and how employment law solicitors can help.

Unfair Dismissal in Birmingham: What is Unfair Dismissal?

Unfair dismissal happens when you are terminated from your position without a fair reason, or if your employer doesn’t follow the proper legal process. This can happen in a number of ways. To dismiss an employee, employers need to have a fair reason. For example, that you are unable to perform your job to the required standard or if you lack the necessary qualifications. It could be that you have engaged in inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour, your position is no longer needed due to economic reasons or organisational changes, or that continuing to employ you would breach the law. If there isn’t a fair reason, it could be a case of unfair dismissal. 

Even with a fair reason, employers must follow a fair process when dismissing an employee. For example, employees should be given sufficient notice of their dismissal as stipulated in their contract or by law. If they’re not, employment contract solicitors could be called in to look at the contract and highlight what has gone wrong. Even if there is a reason to dismiss an employee, 

employers need to thoroughly investigate the reasons for dismissal, giving you an opportunity to explain or defend yourself. 

Once an employer has decided to dismiss an employee, the employee should be invited to a meeting to discuss the reasons for dismissal and any evidence against them, and they can hire employment law solicitors to join them for this.

What Do Employment Law Solicitors Do?

If you are dealing with unfair dismissal in Birmingham or elsewhere in the area, you might want to enlist the help of employment law solicitors. In the same way that a redundancy solicitor deals with redundancy issues, employment law solicitors deal with unfair dismissals. Their expertise and guidance can help to ensure that both you and your employer navigate the complexities of employment law effectively, ensuring that employees aren’t terminated in an unfair or incorrect way. It’s a lot easier to navigate employment law with a legal professional helping you.

Employment law solicitors evaluate the circumstances surrounding a dismissal to determine if it qualifies as unfair dismissal under employment law. They explain the employee’s rights and the legal options available, and advise on the best course of action. Then, if the case goes to an employment tribunal, employment law solicitors prepare the necessary documentation and evidence. Often, employment law solicitors can negotiate settlements with employers to avoid the need for a tribunal.

There’s no denying the stress that comes with being unfairly dismissed from a job, but employment law solicitors are there to guide you through the process.


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