Full Text – Unable to Patent Searching Or Higher Trouble Than It’s Worth?

Full text patent searching could be helpful for identifying the best patent records that will have otherwise eluded a non full text method. Let us condition that within the specific non full text patent search we have X amount of relevant patent records. Then when exactly the same search may be conducted with the entire text you can bet to yield Y amount of relevant patent records. When Y is a lot more than X, the necessity to do a comprehensive full text patent search is reiterated.

However, once we would think about the above pointed out search scenario within the data relevancy perspective, then it’s only apparent can be expected a bigger relevancy rate in X than Y. Because of the low data relevancy winning a whole text patent search, it may be assumed the connected time showed up at evaluate increases considerably. Subsequently, the price connected with Y is considerably greater than X. We are feeling the choice backward and forward is totally determined in the market implication within the search combined with legal factors that searching is transported out.

Essentially, if there is strong business value to discover relevant united nations-licensed IP of well-known patent holders, an entire analysis if Y is warranted. However, when the goal should be to conduct simple condition of art search or validity search, in which the principle of first-past-the-pole principle applies, your marginal cost of incremental hits with full text search is justified only when the set X doesn’t provide sufficient evidence. Hence, unable to full text patent searching relies mainly round the primary driving pressure i.e cost benefit research to the IP search.

The price benefit analysis should be carried out in context of improved search tools and growing sophistication of text mining tools presently available. The Eu conferences associated with patents have proven an passionate fascination with this subject of patent analysis and search.

Aurelia Deford
the authorAurelia Deford